I left Austin with a bag full of delicious take out from a taco place, and headed a few hours west through Texas Hill Country towards the town of Fredericksburg. Just before arriving I took a detour to the teensy weensy town of Luckenbach, made famous by a Waylon Jennings song with WIllie Nelson on the track. I 100% played it on repeat as I drove into town past the farms and fields, and it was the first song I heard the lone performer playing at the end of an open jam session at the Luckenbach store/bar/everything in town area. The saloon & dance hall also have hosted Willie Nelson’s 4th of July shows a number of times, had some recordings made there, basically a history of country music.

The “town” is basically just this one establishment and around 9 acres of land in a loop road. From what I hear it’s normally packed but there were about 6 people aside from me at this large outdoor space so I stayed for a drink, listened to some music, and camped out in their field overnight.

Just outside town I planned to go to Enchanted Rock State Park, which sounds beautiful but as soon as I got my boots on and stepped out of the car it started to thunderstorm so I took refuge in the van but it didn’t let up and was getting darker, so I abandoned ship and headed back to town.

The Fredericksburg area is a booming winery trade, about half of which were taking advantage of the last days before they’d have to close their doors. I stopped by one with a hilarious name but not great (too sweet) wine, one with adorable lambs running free, and one that was actually pretty good. The town is heavily German influenced thanks to their founders and has some lovely hotels and shops downtown. Would be a nice place to do a girls trip weekend for those nearby if everything were as usual.

Took off again and headed west, the landscape driving out was empty and gorgeous with wildflowers along the roadsides and the hills slowly transitioning into distant mountain outlines. I camped out at a picnic area, arriving just as a beautiful sunset began. The morning was drizzly and cold, but the mist dissipated soon as I went further southwest toward my next destination- Big Bend.

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