The road back to DC: Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New Jersey

I wanted to be back at my home base in the DC area for a Halloween party and a horse race weekend, so I had a little less than a week between leaving Vermont and aiming to be home. I used my day traveling through northwestern Massachusetts to stop at, yes, roadside attractions! I’m not […]


I love Vermont. Beautiful scenery, cool vibe, most craft breweries per capita, delicious chocolate, chill people, and all the cheese!!! It was great to visit again and stop by some repeat spots, check out some new places, visit with family, and consume all the yumminess. After riding out a big storm in a nice tree-less […]

New Hampshire

I got to New Hampshire just in time for the magical intersection of the long Columbus/Indigenous People’s Day weekend depending on where you are, and peak foliage color in the area, so everything was unusually crowded. Woohoo! I went on a few nice hikes in the White Mountains, the first of which was a quick […]

Maine southbound

I was excited to hear that my friends Rachel and Ben and their little cutie would be in Acadia to celebrate Ben’s 40th birthday, so luckily my plans were flexible enough to allow swinging back through Acadia park to overlap with them for a few days. Plus, another visit to one of the best parks! […]

Acadia to Quebec

I left the Acadia area (ie the town where I’d been staying in the Walmart lot and using the super cute library for internet- the Ellsworth library fall decor game is strong) and drove up the coast, stopping in another part of the park across the narrows on Schoodic Point, where I watched the waves […]

Maine: Acadia

Acadia National Park already held some of my favorite memories from a previous trip a few years ago with a friend. We did some of the islands, picked wild blueberries, and staked out a claim as the first people one morning at Cadillac Mountain for sunrise. This time, with it being less crowded than during […]

Between NYC and ME

I didn’t stay long in Connecticut this trip, because I intend to come through for longer later on, but coming north from New York I stopped off for the night in Hartford and stayed at a Cabella’s lot, which was actually lovely and quiet and well organized. I’d never actually been inside one of these […]

New York: The Adirondacks

A friend from (my now former) work invited me to visit her family’s vacation camp in the Adirondacks, so it was the perfect excuse to take a few days away to test out the van, make sure it was road-worthy on a longer trip, and relax! I drove north from Delaware where I’d been visiting […]