Florida: Tampa area

My last stop in Florida was back over to the Gulf coast to attend a teacher workshop outside the St. Petersburg/Tampa area. The workshop was through a regional association for outdoor focus schools (ERAFANS), so it would be interesting since that’s my area of interest while also being great networking and to gather intel about […]

Heading south through the Carolinas

My first stop after leaving home from the holidays was a night visiting relatives in Farmville, NC. I got to have a lovely visit with Larry and Joyce in their gorgeous home, shared a special southern New Year’s Day meal (now I’ll be extra lucky), and have great Jeopardy watching company, not to mention a […]


I love Vermont. Beautiful scenery, cool vibe, most craft breweries per capita, delicious chocolate, chill people, and all the cheese!!! It was great to visit again and stop by some repeat spots, check out some new places, visit with family, and consume all the yumminess. After riding out a big storm in a nice tree-less […]

New Hampshire

I got to New Hampshire just in time for the magical intersection of the long Columbus/Indigenous People’s Day weekend depending on where you are, and peak foliage color in the area, so everything was unusually crowded. Woohoo! I went on a few nice hikes in the White Mountains, the first of which was a quick […]

Maine southbound

I was excited to hear that my friends Rachel and Ben and their little cutie would be in Acadia to celebrate Ben’s 40th birthday, so luckily my plans were flexible enough to allow swinging back through Acadia park to overlap with them for a few days. Plus, another visit to one of the best parks! […]