Quebec City and New Brunswick

Compared to Montreal, Quebec City is teensy but gorgeous. I arrived just at dusk in a parking lot for the night just downriver from the ferry to the city in the suburb of Levis. In the morning I had a nice breakfast picnic on a damp log by the riverside in a small beachy area […]

Montreal area

I’d read about a resort town north of Montreal which was listed as a great place to experience the foliage of the Laurentian range, so I made my way in the morning to the lakeside town of Mont-Tremblant. Mont-Tremblant town is a beautiful small town on the lake with nice shops, cafes, and cottages, while […]

Acadia to Quebec

I left the Acadia area (ie the town where I’d been staying in the Walmart lot and using the super cute library for internet- the Ellsworth library fall decor game is strong) and drove up the coast, stopping in another part of the park across the narrows on Schoodic Point, where I watched the waves […]