West Virginia: Morgantown & Charleston

My trip to DC was rushed but wonderful. My friend Pam only half suspected I might be crazy and come crash her party, so that surprise was joyous and the weekend filled with craziness including a piano bar, so much good food, Wawa coffee, a successful wedding dress purchase (not for myself, don’t worry), and […]

Central Virginia-a surprise hiatus

Long time, no blog! I had planned to spend a few days in the DC area and central Virginia for Halloween festivities and a horse race, which were fun diversions and a great time to restock, swap out clothes, and drop off items I found I did or didn’t need in the van (goodbye 2nd […]

The road back to DC: Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New Jersey

I wanted to be back at my home base in the DC area for a Halloween party and a horse race weekend, so I had a little less than a week between leaving Vermont and aiming to be home. I used my day traveling through northwestern Massachusetts to stop at, yes, roadside attractions! I’m not […]

New York: The Adirondacks

A friend from (my now former) work invited me to visit her family’s vacation camp in the Adirondacks, so it was the perfect excuse to take a few days away to test out the van, make sure it was road-worthy on a longer trip, and relax! I drove north from Delaware where I’d been visiting […]