Michigan: the western Upper Peninsula

Having started out my day with some pretty spectacular roadside attractions leaving Wisconsin, Michigan was not about to be outdone and provided a few roght off the bat. First up: the world’s largest corkscrew! It’s part of a sign for a liquor store/gas station situation, and had it been open I would have bought some […]

Florida: Tampa area

My last stop in Florida was back over to the Gulf coast to attend a teacher workshop outside the St. Petersburg/Tampa area. The workshop was through a regional association for outdoor focus schools (ERAFANS), so it would be interesting since that’s my area of interest while also being great networking and to gather intel about […]

USVI: St. Croix

While traveling with my friend around southern Florida felt like being in vacation mode on what is fundamentally a vacation from my usual life, hopping over from Fort Lauderdale to visit St. Croix was just a straight up vacation. My friend Delyla is pretty much the craziest workaholic who is in demand and takes full […]

Florida: Miami area

I bummed around Miami for a few days here and there mainly for the beaches. The beaches! My first go through Miami was the tail end of my time with my travel buddy. We come into town and stayed in Little Havana for our last night before he headed back to real life. Not gonna […]

Florida: Bahia Honda and the road to the Keys

Having made our way east from Naples through the northern edge of Everglades, Kevin and I stopped off for the night in a random town called Palmetto Bay which was simply well positioned to take off in the morning for the Keys. I pulled up a handy app for finding van parking and we picked […]

Florida: The Southern Gulf Coast

My first stop on the gulf coast was to once again impose upon my mother’s cousin I’d stayed with in Massachusetts. Steve and Margaret were just beginning a three month winter relocation in the quiet town of Rotunda West. This place was a planned community designed to look frankly like a crop circle with canals […]