Colorado: Around Golden

Weird bundling of three bundles of time in Golden, because why not. I first arrived in late March to impose myself on my friend outside Denver until the Covid-lockdown-crazies calmed down and I could figure out where in the area would be a viable option to head next without restrictions and overwhelming closures. Little did […]

Texas: Big Bend

Big Bend National Park is right on the Mexican border, in that little dip of Texas on the southwestern side. I’d booked 4 nights at campsites in the park piecing together what was available- the park itself was open, though the visitor centers were closed and staffing far reduced, but the campground reservations and operations […]

USVI: St. Croix

While traveling with my friend around southern Florida felt like being in vacation mode on what is fundamentally a vacation from my usual life, hopping over from Fort Lauderdale to visit St. Croix was just a straight up vacation. My friend Delyla is pretty much the craziest workaholic who is in demand and takes full […]

South Carolina: Hunting Island

I spent two nights camping mere steps from the beach on this beautiful island, and totally recommend it to anyone looking for a stop at any time of year. What a find! Totally worth being the first place I’ve paid to sleep so far on my van trip. I did cheap out a little, though, […]

Central Virginia-a surprise hiatus

Long time, no blog! I had planned to spend a few days in the DC area and central Virginia for Halloween festivities and a horse race, which were fun diversions and a great time to restock, swap out clothes, and drop off items I found I did or didn’t need in the van (goodbye 2nd […]


I love Vermont. Beautiful scenery, cool vibe, most craft breweries per capita, delicious chocolate, chill people, and all the cheese!!! It was great to visit again and stop by some repeat spots, check out some new places, visit with family, and consume all the yumminess. After riding out a big storm in a nice tree-less […]

New Hampshire

I got to New Hampshire just in time for the magical intersection of the long Columbus/Indigenous People’s Day weekend depending on where you are, and peak foliage color in the area, so everything was unusually crowded. Woohoo! I went on a few nice hikes in the White Mountains, the first of which was a quick […]

Maine southbound

I was excited to hear that my friends Rachel and Ben and their little cutie would be in Acadia to celebrate Ben’s 40th birthday, so luckily my plans were flexible enough to allow swinging back through Acadia park to overlap with them for a few days. Plus, another visit to one of the best parks! […]

Montreal area

I’d read about a resort town north of Montreal which was listed as a great place to experience the foliage of the Laurentian range, so I made my way in the morning to the lakeside town of Mont-Tremblant. Mont-Tremblant town is a beautiful small town on the lake with nice shops, cafes, and cottages, while […]