Colorado, Wyoming and Idaho: the road to the Tetons

After our day getting re-settled after New Mexico, I finally left Golden for good (well, for the pandemic extended imposition) and headed north for a change. I stopped off in Boulder to read for a bit in a park that turned out to be filled that day with a mix of yuppies and druggies, get […]

Colorado: Around Golden

Weird bundling of three bundles of time in Golden, because why not. I first arrived in late March to impose myself on my friend outside Denver until the Covid-lockdown-crazies calmed down and I could figure out where in the area would be a viable option to head next without restrictions and overwhelming closures. Little did […]

Colorado: Glenwood Springs to Estes Park

The next stop on our little Colorado tour was kind of a roadside attraction stop to fill some time on our way towards Rocky Mountain Park- a few hours in a funny little amusement park in Glenwood Springs. We really went so we could ride the scenic gondola up to the top of the hills, […]

Colorado: Ouray

While we were in Telluride I overheard a man on his phone saying something like “well it’s not supposed to start coming down until around 6″, put two and two together to check the weather, and sure enough it was going to snow. 3-9” in the mountains above 10,000 ft (where we’d been the night […]

Colorado: Durango to Telluride

After leaving the Sand Dunes we headed west and rolled into Durango pretty late in the evening. where it was rainy and gross, so we opted for a hotel to not mess with finding a wet campsite in the darkness. Plus, shower! And in the morning another treat awaited in the form of Oscar’s, a […]

Colorado: Great Sand Dunes

Driving around the dramatic Sangre de Cristo mountains and finding a collection of sand dunes in their shadow kind of messes with the mind. The area is arid and isolated for the most part, with expansive open spaces, some ranging cattle, and shrubs dotting the landscape, with the looming jagged mountains alongside. Such beauty! After […]