Maine: Acadia

Acadia National Park already held some of my favorite memories from a previous trip a few years ago with a friend. We did some of the islands, picked wild blueberries, and staked out a claim as the first people one morning at Cadillac Mountain for sunrise. This time, with it being less crowded than during summer vacation season, I was able to spend some more time doing things that were just too full the last go round.

On my first day in the park I took the visitor shuttle to Jordan Pond, which is one of many popular destinations in the park due to having walks for many difficulty levels from a stroll around the pond to climbing more or trekking to other sites, but also because its Jordan Pond House has a tradition of serving delicious popover tea on the lawn overlooking the lovely pond and the Bubble hills.

I hiked up to the top of the nearby Penobscot mountain for views of the pond and to earn myself some popover calories. The climb was tough in a few places but mainly because it was so hot and humid, not that it was a particularly hard path. One leg I was planning to take was closed for restoration so I had to tack on a little distance and go around another way, which was just as well. The route takes you past one of the scenic carriage road bridges along the way, and the breeze at the top was very much welcome. Down at the bottom again I got my fill of treats (should have waited for outside seating but still good) and read for a while by the pond until the bus returned.

Did sunset at Eagle Lake and had the place to myself, and the next morning after one of 3 glam nights in the Walmart lot (hey, it’s free and I just dropped $ for my park pass) made some breakfast in a park just crossing onto Mt. Desert Island area from mainland. So. Many. Mosquitoes. I looked bruised from smacking a good number on my legs.

Parked at Sand Beach and hiked up the Beehive trail, which is one that’s steep enough on the cliffs to need rebar ladders in places, and then down to the Bowl pond for cheese, almond and chocolate lunch and to cool my feet in the water. I would have just jumped in had there not been so many people around.

Back up to the top of Gorham Mountain and down quickly as some dark clouds were rolling in, to Otter Cove, which I hit at low tide and saw no otters, but beautiful shells and lots of birds. Leisurely walk along the coast and Ocean Road past some of the viewpoints like Boulder Beach, Thunder Hole, and back to Sand Beach where I froze my toes for about 30 minutes. The only people in the cold water were small children- why is it that little kids are able to brave the water temps so well? Thunderstorm rolled that evening which was the perfect excuse to visit an amazing shop some friends told me about perviously, full of curiosities and like a homemade science museum where you can buy all the exhibits. The off and on rain was a perfect lull me to sleep soundtrack.

Hoping to be back in October for some fun meet up and experience some more of this endless beauty. Would stay for weeks if I didn’t have another target lined up next.

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